Seed Grading - NSW & Victoria, Australia

It has long been proven that large, plump seeds that don’t get affected by weather, insects or moisture have greater vigour, germination and emergence.

Seed grading is essential in optimising your sowing and cropping program. Sowing pure quality seed saves you time and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Harvesting and grain storage (including aeration and insect prevention) is a pivotal part in retaining quality seed.




Benefits of Seed Grading

  • Removal of tails and awns
  • Removal of pods/straw/sticks/stones/plant & animal material
  • Removal of dust & light materia
  • Removal of weed seeds, in particular herbicide resistant weeds
  • Removal of small/frosted/cracked/underdeveloped grain
  • Removal of wild oats in wheat and barley
  • Removal of low levels of barley in wheat
  • Increased test weight of grain
  • Accurate seed treatment application for smut/bunt/rust/pithium/rhizoctonia/insects/trace elements
  • Reduced time and money spraying paddocks
  • Minimised blockages in sowing equipment

Sowing ungraded seed can significantly reduce germination, vigour and emergence!

We supply and apply our seed treatments - please speak to your agronomist prior to grading your seed and on their recommendation, we will accurately apply treatments at your request.

Dusty grain is the single most problem with good seed coverage. Dust (both weevil and grain dust) inhibits the seed treatment’s ability to stick to the surface of the seed, resulting in dustoff. Harvesting techniques and grain storage are the difference between good and poor seed treatment coverage. Dust off reduces the effectiveness of the seed treatment.

When you grade your seed, you are investing in your future!

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