Seed Cleaning - NSW & Victoria, Australia

There are times when harvested or stored grain does not quite meet market specifications. Our grain and seed cleaning and screening equipment can be tailored to meet required delivery specifications so you can achieve optimum grade and greater return.

The removal of screenings or small grain generally reduces protein. It is suggested that out-of-spec grain is screened to market specification, then re-tested to check for impact on protein level.
Benefits of Seed Cleaning 
As expert seed cleaners, we are familiar with delivery standards and keep abreast of any seasonal changes impacting grades. In conjunction with referral to delivery standards, we use certified scales, chondrometer, screens and other testing equipment to ensure your cleaned grain meets the target grade.

Whether you’re a sole farmer or a large organisation, Townrow Quality Seed Grading Service is a trusted name in the business to talk to in regards to seed cleaning. With decades of experience in the seed grading industry, we have a deep understanding of the efficiency of seed cleaning. Should you need any advice on seed cleaning or grain cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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